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Delivery Provider

for Fulfilment Centres

Same-Day Delivery Provider for Fulfilment Centres


At Pedivan, we understand that fulfillment centers operate in a highly competitive market where prompt delivery times have become a top priority for customers. In large metropolises such as London, next-day delivery is no longer sufficient for online shoppers. As a result, e-commerce entrepreneurs and webshop owners must provide a solution to meet this emerging requirement. To remain competitive in their own market, they prioritize fulfillment centers that offer same-day delivery with a late cut-off time.


Although receiving a purchased item on the same evening of making an online purchase at 2 PM may have sounded utopian a few years ago, it will soon become the new industry standard. With over five years of experience in urban last-mile deliveries, we at Pedivan can help you stay ahead of your competitors by offering same-day delivery with a 3 PM cut-off time for your clients.


In addition to our quick delivery service, you can also enjoy the social credentials that come with using an emission-free delivery provider for your urban distributions. By choosing Pedivan, you contribute to creating a greener and healthier environment for all of us.

Be The Webshop Owners' First Choice!

Same-Day Shipping

Seven Days a Week

Extended Cut-off Time

Emission-Free Fleet!

Be a Step Ahead of Your Competitors!

Our Service Area

We provide extensive coverage across London through our team of dedicated cyclist couriers. Our services are available seven days a week, and we guarantee same-day delivery for dispatches made before 4 PM, irrespective of the day of the week.


Our pricing is transparent and favorable, primarily comprising fixed rates based on the recipient's postcode. The larger amount of delivery tasks you can provide us, the better rate we can offer.

If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with us today. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible rates and tailoring our services to suit their needs.

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Submitting this form does not obligate you to use our services. We are always happy to discuss how can we help local businesses operate greener and more efficiently, but the decision is always yours.

Thank you for considering our services.

E-Cargo Trikes That Larger Than Cars

Our fleet of XXL cargo bikes in London can carry up to 250kg and have a cargo space of 1.6 cubic meters. Despite their ability to carry a larger load than a normal car, they are still classified as cycles and are therefore eligible for use in all bus and cycle lanes.

Vetted, Professional Riders

We all desire the timely and professional delivery of our items, free from damage and ideally with a smile, regardless of inclement weather conditions. For this reason, couriers are the vital and essential components of all logistics businesses, serving as the heart and soul of the industry.


At Pedivan, we take pride in vetting our riders thoroughly and only working with those who meet our high standards and approach to customer service. We pay them above the industry standard and by the hour, not by the task. We also provide them with the highest standards of e-bikes. They start their shifts at our depot by picking up their bike, so we are in daily personal contact with all of our team members.

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