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Who We Are

Pedivan is a 100% green, premium courier service provider founded in 2017. The idea of Pedivan has born when we noticed the sudden development of London's cycling infrastructure. Looking at the new  Cycle Superhighways, Low Traffic Neighbourhood areas, and Ultra Low Emission Zone opened our eyes; new circumstances will require new solutions.
The urban cyclist courier service wasn't a novelty, but we wanted to be able to carry more than you can do on a bicycle. What about tricycles then? Electrically assisted pedal-powered vehicles with the loading capacity of a small van, yet still classified as cycles and able to use the inner-city cycle infrastructure.
Pedal-powered vans? Let's call them Pedivan! The idea that made us the pioneer of changing London's delivery sector, being the first business that started to use electrically assisted three-wheeler XXL cargo trikes in the capital.

We move fast, deliver safely and operate smartly.

We are proud of our eco-friendly and smart approach to providing our service. As we do not use fuel based vans or are liable to congestion charges, we are able to offer a sustainable and cost-effective delivery service to our clients.


A Solution for Pollution

The Green Way to Deliver!

"Pedivan" - XXL 3-Wheeler

The flagship vehicle our business is named after. The idea that made us pioneer in changing London's cyclist courier trade. Large enough to carry 2 washing machines at the same time yet still suitable for cycle lanes.

max 250 kg

1.6 m3 capacity

Urban Arrow - XL 2-Wheeler

The smaller brother of our original pedivans. These bikes don't even know what "traffic obstruction" means. Fitted with a solid metal cargo box, safe against weather and thief. And that box is even bigger than it looks from the outside!

max 150 kg

0.6 m3 capacity

"Pedivan Rush" Bicycle

The latest addition to our brand is designed for the smaller things that matter. Whether you need to send only a few documents, a small parcel or have your dinner delivered, one of our skilled team members may arrive with one of our sleek new e-bikes. These bikes are fast, convenient and dependable, making your delivery experience smooth and efficient.

max 20 kg

30 x 30 x 40 cm

Electric Van

The biggest fella in the family. 99% of our inner-city deliveries are made by cargo bikes and it will always be like this. Our electric van makes it possible to serve businesses whose warehouses are in the suburbs. Bring the goods into our Inner-London hubs and our bikes will deal with the rest.

max 1700 kg

11 m3 capacity

Meet Our Emission-Free Fleet

What We Do

Our company offers a unique tailored solution for businesses to become green and sustainable without compromising on service quality, delivery time, and costs. Our vehicles are not only emission-free but in most cases, way more practical for inner-city courier services than cars or small vans.
We provide a wide range of courier services from express to scheduled multi-drop delivery, but Pedivan does more than just deliver. By improving air quality to reducing traffic congestion, our service leaves a positive and lasting impression on your customers.

How We Do It

We take pride in our humble beginnings when our two co-founders were the directors, the riders, the salesmen, and the mechanics in the same person. The size of our team and fleet went through significant growth, but our attitude remains the same. A customer-focused approach, build and maintain a personal connection with our clients and use the experience we gained on the grounds to make sure we understand their needs and tailor our best practices accordingly.
The safety of the goods we handle is our priority. All of our vehicles are fitted with GPS trackers and solid metal cargo boxes to protect them against weather and thieves. We load and carry fragile items with special care using purpose-made equipment and we have vast experience in that.
Our Partner App makes the entire process transparent for you from placing an order to checking the proof of delivery. You can manage and follow your deliveries on your phone or laptop, but you can always get in touch with our dedicated shift managers too if you wish to be assisted in live chat.

The Pedivan in 2023

Nowadays, our London team counts over 50 members, and we serve the city from 3 different hubs, providing a professional courier service for over a hundred clients, from local micro-businesses to global market leaders.
We launched our German subsidiary in July 2022 and started to offer our sustainable courier services in Paris in March 2023.
We offer a wide range of services, from basic business-to-business or business-to-customer deliveries to complex tasks such as distributing goods from one warehouse to another and loading storage, charging and changing batteries of micro-mobility scooters and bicycles, or even taking part in events with custom-branded bikes, handing out product samples for promotional purposes and so on.
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